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Navigating Insurance Claims

After an injury, the most important thing is to heal and put your life back together. Regretfully, what often happens is that an injured person becomes overwhelmed with the technicalities of dealing with insurance companies. Your own insurance company and the insurance company from the party that hurt you are calling repeatedly asking you to give statements and asking you to sign forms that give them unlimited access to your medical records, even medical records that have nothing to do with your injuries. Some auto insurance companies demand that you see their medical examiner to prove that you were really hurt. You may be dealing with insurance companies trying to negotiate you down from a fair settlement for your property or car that was damaged in the accident.

Added to that, your own health insurer may call with potential bill disputes or make a claim for reimbursement for health payments it made on your behalf. Likewise, the hospital or physician who originally treated you may have refused to accept your health insurance and decided to file a lien against any recovery you obtain from the collision.

All of this can be overwhelming and give an injured person the sense that he or she has lost all control over the situation and that whatever happens following the accident is solely up to the insurance companies. But you need to know that you have rights and if you assert them you can regain control of the situation.

Insurance Claim Help

At Zemper Eiva Law, we don’t let insurance companies run over our clients’ rights to privacy, rights to be left alone so you can heal, rights to have their medical bills and property losses paid, and rights to fair compensation for their injuries. Let us take care of the insurance companies and you can take care of getting healthy and back to your life.

The 5 Don’ts Following an Accident

Don’t Give a Statement to an Insurance Company Without Legal Representation
Don’t Sign a Medical Authorization Form
Don’t Quickly Settle or Make Demands
Don’t Leave the Investigation of the Accident to the Insurance Company
Don’t Underrate or Overrate Your Injuries to Your Doctors

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